Minna Keal : Cello Concerto

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Minna Keal : Cello Concerto

Two works, separated by 60 years, from one of the most remarkable figures in British composition of recent times. Keal's Cello Concerto, completed in 1994, is coupled with her romantic 1929 Ballade for cello & piano.

"Her 22-minute Cello Concerto (1988-94) is a superb achievement, tautly crafted, terse in its distinctive Anglo-European idiom, yet with an emotional charge that becomes increasingly apparent."
The Sunday Times 1997

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Cello Concerto: Maestoso7'37
Cello Concerto: Allegro3'56
Cello Concerto: Adagio14'41

Composers on this disc

Minna Keal