James Wood : Two Men Meet

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James Wood : Two Men Meet

Three works that reflect the exotic and sensuous geometry of Wood's output: the energetic and iridescent percussion concerto, Two Men Meet, Each Presuming the Other to be from a Distant Planet; Phainomena, characterised by meditative, swirling choral textures; and the highly charged concerto for quarter-tone marimba, Venancio Mbande Talking with the Trees.

"James Wood is an all-round musical explorer of a philosophical cast of mind yet with an ardent Messiaen-like sensibility... each piece is an ambitious synthesis of music and the world."
The Sunday Times 1997

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Two Men Meet23'45
Phainomena - Part 16'02
Phainomena - Part 215'47
Venancio Mbande Talking With The Trees20'00

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