Anthony Payne : Time's Arrow

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Anthony Payne : Time's Arrow

An evocation of the Big Bang, the music of Time's Arrow traces the expansion and contraction of the universe. Vivid rhythmic invention and glowing harmony contribute to a work of uninhibited and exhilarating momentum.

"Payne's most impressive work to date, and one of the finest pieces of orchestral writing premiered in London in the last ten years... the use of a big orchestra (marshalled expertly by Andrew Davis) is imaginative and powerful. An important achievement." The Guardian, 1996
The Guardian 1996

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Time's Arrow: The void1'37
Time's Arrow: Explosive exposition3'51
Time's Arrow: Allegro1'21
Time's Arrow: Trio-like section2'32
Time's Arrow: Allegro0'34
Time's Arrow: The slowing down2'50
Time's Arrow: Recitative1'22
Time's Arrow: The still centre3'37
Time's Arrow: The return journey9'49

Composers on this disc

Anthony Payne