Mark-Anthony Turnage : On All Fours

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Mark-Anthony Turnage : On All Fours

Four imaginative and evocative works by this now well-known contemporary figure: On All Fours and Release are exciting instrumental displays demanding a characteristic battery of percussion, while Lament for a Hanging Man sets texts by Sylvia Plath.

"All four pieces are extremely well played, with Martin Robertson's plangent, micro-tone inflected saxophone audibly at the centre of the sound-world of each, and the recorded sound is vivid."
Gramophone 1995

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
On All Fours: Prelude3'25
On All Fours: Refrain 10'34
On All Fours: Allemande0'35
On All Fours: Refrain 20'27
On All Fours: Allemande (Double)0'37
On All Fours: Refrain 30'29
On All Fours: Gigue2'37
On All Fours: Refrain 41'11
On All Fours: Chorale1'36
On All Fours: Sarabande2'50
Lament for a Hanging Man: Lament2'16
Lament for a Hanging Man: The Hanging Man4'41
Lament for a Hanging Man: Lament3'38

Composers on this disc

Mark-Anthony Turnage