Crosse/ Finnissy/ Goehr/ Matthews : Wavesongs

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Crosse/ Finnissy/ Goehr/ Matthews : Wavesongs

Featuring an outstanding and virtuoso cello & piano duo, long committed to contemporary music, this recording showcases works by six composers at the forefront of British music and includes Crosse's profound and majestic Wavesongs.

"This is an excellent showcase of British compositional talent and an effective antidote for anyone who thinks contemporary music has either gone soft of remains stubbornly modernist, neither of which is the case."
The Strad 1994

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Colin Matthews: Three Enigmas - No.13'05
Colin Matthews: Three Enigmas - No.23'30
Colin Matthews: Three Enigmas - No.32'59
Michael Finnissy: Doves Figary5'06
Alexander Goehr: Sonata14'57
Mark-Anthony Turnage: Sleep on - Berceuse4'13
Mark-Anthony Turnage: Sleep on - Refrain6'35
Mark-Anthony Turnage: Sleep on - Lullaby4'22
Roger Smalley: Echo II10'04
Gordon Crosse: Wavesongs - Introduction5'14
Gordon Crosse: Wavesongs - Still slow2'04
Gordon Crosse: Wavesongs - More lively1'47
Gordon Crosse: Wavesongs - Piu largo2'28
Gordon Crosse: Wavesongs - Slow, calm2'48
Gordon Crosse: Wavesongs - Subito con violenza3'21
Gordon Crosse: Wavesongs - Conclusion4'33

Composers on this disc

Gordon Crosse
Michael Finnissy
Alexander Goehr
Colin Matthews
Roger Smalley
Mark-Anthony Turnage