Dominic Muldowney : Oboe Concerto

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Dominic Muldowney : Oboe Concerto

Subtitled 'a song cycle for oboe and orchestra', the Oboe Concerto displays Muldowney at his most lyrical, with teasing, fleeting resonances of Gershwin and Ravel, jazz and Latin-American rhythms, and expansive, romantic melodic lines.

"A series of rapt melodic effusions, the 'songs'... trace out a musical path that becomes ever more lyrical and extrovertly emotional."
BBC Music Magazine 1994

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Oboe Concerto: I1'45
Oboe Concerto: II4'10
Oboe Concerto: III1'16
Oboe Concerto: IV4'32
Oboe Concerto: V2'38
Oboe Concerto: VI4'01
Oboe Concerto: VII3'55
Oboe Concerto: VIII2'55

Composers on this disc

Dominic Muldowney