Robin Holloway : Concerto for Orchestra No.2

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Robin Holloway : Concerto for Orchestra No.2

Holloway's Second Concerto for Orchestra displays the composer at his most thrilling and eclectic. Inspired by a visit to North Africa, the work pulsates with energy and excitement.

GRAMOPHONE AWARD WINNER - BEST CONTEMPORARY RECORDING 1994 "A fascinating disc: the Concerto isn't quite like anything else I know, and in every aspect NMC have served it well. It deserves the widest possible hearing."
Gramophone 1994

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Concerto No.2 - II Andante3'00
Concerto No.2 - II pesante con forza3'53
Concerto for Orchestra No.2: - I Allegro assai7'06
Concerto No.2 - II dolce con moto1'41
Concerto No.2 - II thin and remote2'18
Concerto No.2 - II full and powerful2'29
Concerto No.2 - II poco largamente3'57
Concerto No.2 - II cadenza2'20
Concerto No.2 - III Tempo del primo7'07

Composers on this disc

Robin Holloway