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Hopkins/ Gilbert : Sensation & other works

The enigmatic and intensely charged music of Bill Hopkins reflects the avant-garde sound-world of the 1960s with characteristic immediacy and quiet energy; Nine or Ten Osannas, by Anthony Gilbert - a close friend and ally - completes the disc.

"This immensely valuable recording now gives at least an inkling of the considerable composer that was lost to British music at the ridiculously early age of 37... Performances of both composers are forthright and attractively immediate."
BBC Music Magazine 1994

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Hopkins: En attendant I1'09
Hopkins: En attendant II4'24
Hopkins: En attendant III5'06
Hopkins: En attendant IV4'02
Hopkins: En attendant V0'51
Hopkins: Two Pomes - She Weeps over Rahoon3'12
Hopkins: Two Pomes - On the Beach at Fontana1'31
Hopkins: Pendant8'00
Hopkins: Sensation - I Sensation1'49
Hopkins: Sensation - II Ma Boheme2'43
Hopkins: Sensation - III Au Cabaret-Vert2'09
Hopkins: Sensation - IV L'Eternite3'59
Hopkins: Sensation - V elles viennent2'39
Hopkins: Sensation - VI Dieppe0'26
Hopkins: Sensation - VII je suis ce cours1'32
Hopkins: Sensation - VIII je voudrais queą0'56
Gilbert: 9 or 10 Osannas: Osanna for M.2'47
Gilbert: For the various summer morningsą0'07
Gilbert: For the colours about some people0'48
Gilbert: and for the 9 lost colour years0'21
Gilbert: For a haunted person2'34
Gilbert: Osanna against the iceman2'13
Gilbert: For one wild grey ghost0'39
Gilbert: Osanna for C.2'54
Gilbert: For the various summer mornings0'05
Gilbert: For my three stars2'32
Gilbert: For a still autumn2'47
Gilbert: Osanna for B.1'20
Gilbert: For a ghostless spring0'35
Gilbert: For the various summer mornings0'06
Gilbert: Osanna for O.2'11
Gilbert: For one wild grey ghost0'41
Gilbert: Osanna for S.7'49

Composers on this disc

Anthony Gilbert
Bill Hopkins