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NYC Opera Announces 2009-10 Season


New York City Opera has announced its upcoming season of five operas. Included is Hugo Weisgall's Esther, which will star Lauren Flanigan in the title role. NYCO's last full season (2007-08) had six new productions and seven revivals.

Read more:
City Opera Unveils Five-Show Season

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NMC Songbook at Kings Place, London


NMC, the new music recording company founded by Colin Matthews has commissioned no less than 96 new songs by a cross-section of British composers which will performed throughout the week at Kings Place, London, and are recorded on a new album, The NMC Song Book. Marking the company's 20th anniversary, the works were reportedly commissioned for 'a bottle of wine' each, but nevertheless include some of the country's leading composers such as Mark Anthony Turnage and Peter Maxwell Davies.

[url=]Tom Service in the Guardian[/url]

The New Classical - Nonclassical


Greg Sandow of the Wall Street Journal has some advice for mainstream classical institutions: Get in touch with the burgeoning world of the young Nonclassical crowd.

Read more:
A Young, Hip, Classical Crowd

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The Music Pharmacist


Vera Brandes, the director of the research program in music and medicine at the Paracelsus Private Medical University in Salzburg, Austria calls herself "the first musical pharmacologist.” She is developing medication in the form of music, dispensed as a prescription. To market the product line, she helped found Sanoson (, a company that also designs custom music systems for medical facilities.

“We are preparing for the launch of our therapies in Germany and Austria in the fall of 2009,” she said, “and are anticipating the U.S. launch in 2010.”

The music is all original, composed by Brandes and two anonymous composers.

Read more of the NY Times article:
Composing Concertos in the Key of Rx
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Schirmer launches OnDemand online digital scores


Music Publishers Schirmer have taken the radical step of launching an online score service, called Schirmer On Demand, that allows anyone to view scores from its catalog of works by some of the 20th and 21st centuries' greatest composers. There are currently 500 scores available with more to be added in the future.

Unknown Shostakovich Opera Discovered


"Large fragments of a satirical opera, Orango, which Shostakovich composed in 1932 - a project of which almost no one was aware - have been found in Moscow. The English musicologist Gerard McBurney is in the process of preparing a performable score of this [futurist] fable."...

Le Devoir article (in french)

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First Annual Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech


Sixty people applied for $10,000 of cash prizes in the first annual Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech University. Twenty five submissions are on the multimedia gallery for your perusal. Ranging from a keyboard played with a motorcycle engine and a sudoku-inspired musical puzzle, check out the audio and video that shows what these inventors have to offer. Gallery

New CT Blogs section


We've added an exciting new blog section to C:T today. If you are a CompositionToday member with your own blog you can post an extract or summary here and link through to your blog.

Alternatively you can create a blog here on CompositionToday (also accessible via your profile page). Full members can even make it into the home page of their showcase page making it easier than ever to keep the showcase up to date.

Any feedback, comments and suggestions very welcome.

Showcase page MP3s


We're pleased to announce that you can now upload unlimited* numbers of MP3s to your showcase page, and the maximum file size has increased to a substantial 100Mb.

(*) Obviously, there might be a limit at some point, but providing we don't suddenly get everyone uploading 20 different versions of their week long opera, we should be able to cope with anything most composers would want to upload as examples of their own work.

Knussen and Gruber appointed to BBC posts


The BBC has announced two posts, Oliver Knussen will become the BBC Symphony Orchestra’s New Artist In Association, and HK Gruber is to succeed James MacMillan as the BBC Philharmonic’s next Composer/Conductor, starting in September 2009.

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