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New Chord in 639-Year Cage piece

A new chord was heard yesterday in a six-century-long organ performance of John Cage's Organ2/ASLSP ("As Slow as Possible").

Cage's 1992 piece originally lasted just 20 minutes (and was played on a piano). But a group of musicologists decided several years ago to take its title at face value, and initiated a 639-year performance of the work on a church organ in Halberstadt, Germany

The performance began in September 2001 with the inflation of the organ's bellows, followed by 18 months of silence. In February 2003, a chord was heard, and in July 2004 two notes were added. The new chordóan A, a C, and an F-sharpówill last until 2012.

Fans of experimental music have been flocking to the church , and the local village is booming as a result. The organ is being specially built for, and during, the concert. The organisers hope that enough money will be raised to fund new pipes in time for forthcoming new notes.


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