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Member Profile - Johann Hasler

Name Johann Hasler
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User Name Johann Hasler
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Date of birth 25/07/1972
Region Colombia 
Interests Music and the occult
Profile Johann Hasler is a Colombian composer, conductor, academic and researcher on music and esotericism.

He was born in 1972 in Medellín, of Chilean mother and German father. He started his musical training at age 4, and continued it formally until 2011, when he graduated as a PhD in composition at Newcastle University, in Northern England. His doctoral thesis explored the historical aspects speculative music (which is the esoteric aspect of music theory) in order to summarize and systematize the musical theory of the Western Magical Tradition (known as the ‘Hermetic Tradition’), a required first step in approaching the practical application of this esoteric musical theory into the composition of pieces of new music. He thus intends to bridge his two greatest passions: music and esotericism.

He is currently a tenured professor at the Universidad de Antioquia in Medellín (Colombia), where he has taught composition, advanced theory, Wagner studies and diverse aspects of the history and aesthetics of modern music at the Music Department, as well as opera studies in the MA in theatre direction & dramaturgy of the Theatre Department, and history of esotericism at the Departments of History and Anthropology.