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Name Nick Ray
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User Name nickray
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Date of birth 06/11/1973
Region United Kingdom  
Interests Apart from music - countryside, cats, home-brewing, reading
Profile My facebook page gives details about my music, with contact details for anyone who may wish to hear more of it. I have been active as a composer since about 1994, studying first at Trinity College of Music and then at Cambridge as a student of Alexander Goehr. At the start I was influenced by Schoenberg and Ives, but never really liked the kind of idiom which to which I felt I was being forced to conform: Trinity College composition department was (at that time) stuck in the 60s and did not regard any composer as being any good unless he or she imitated John Cage. Students were taught that they should "avoid melody" and no kind of composition was officially acceptable except pseudo-avant-garde nonsense. Once I reached Cambridge (and finally had proper teaching) I found a more sympathetic environment. I always wanted to write music that was intended to make sense to the listener and I retained an unfashionable interest in clear lines and (hopefully) interesting development of material. I am a proud and defiant cultural conservative. If you`re curious, I have a soundcloud page: search under nickray55.