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Member Profile - rolandbastien

Name Roland Bastien
CT Mail
User Name rolandbastien
Member Status  Full Member
Home Page
Date of birth 17/09/1946
Region Canada 
Interests poetry- music - visual art -
Profile Roland Bastien is a composer.
As a Pianist, he collaborated with Vietnamese multi-instrumentalist Ngoc Bich, percussionist Joseph Pepe Danza, Lan Tung (Chinese fiddle) , the master of Zheng: Mei Han, a Korean Kayagum master: Jung Ae Lee, Coat Cooke, Clyde Reed (multi-instrumentalists and Dylan Van Der Schyff percussionist.
As a composer, they have certified his chamber music score `Les arbres en fleurs ` as a finalist at the Elisabeth Schneider Foundation in Germany in 2000.