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Name C.J. Darnieder
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Date of birth 04/08/1989
Region United States  
Profile C.J. was born Christopher Jacob Darnieder on August 4th, 1989 in Milwaukee, WI. He is now 20 years old, still living in Milwaukee on the east side. He began playing clarinet at age 10, and quickly picked up flute, oboe, bassoon, and eventually saxophone in the years to come. C.J. composed one of his first pieces when he was 16, and his first official opus last year in June when he was 18. A little bit over a year later, and C.J. has about eleven completed chamber works, and is currently working on his first symphony for orchestra, a flute sonata, and a violin concerto. He is primarily practicing flute or composing using Finale 2009 professional edition.

In December 2009, C.J. released his first album, Untamed, a CD featuring all of his piano works, including Der Man Ferder Over for two pianos which won 3rd grand prize in the Plathner`s Eleven of Hanover 2009 Composition Competition.

C.J.`s musical influences range from classical to romantic, from impressionistic to modern, and everything in between. His music is heavily influenced by Bela Bartok, Igor Stravinsky, and Bjork. Future projects include his second album "Speak," and an orchestral trip-hop album showcasing all of the orchestra`s instruments

In his free time, C.J. loves to cook, write, spend time with friends and family, vlog, and exercise. He`s also currently a receptionist at the new Gold`s Gym in Milwaukee, as well as a server at El Guapo`s Mexican Cantina.

Composing credentials:

-3rd grand prize winner of the Plathner`s Eleven of Hanover 2009 Composition Competition, piece will debut in December 2010 (Op. 14-"Der Man Ferder Over for Two Pianos)

-1st place in the Young Composer`s Forum February 2010 Competition with Op. 19-"For Alexander McQueen"