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Name Guilherme Schroeter
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User Name guisongs
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Date of birth 16/05/1960
Region United States  
Interests Music
Profile Dear Sir,

I am Guilherme Schroeter, songwriter, pianist and singer.
I looking for work with agents and management companies interested
in Book/Promote me/ Manage my career.
Here is my biography.

Guilherme Schroeter


Gulherme Schroter born in 16, May, 1960 in Rio de Janeiro Brasil
He began his studies with his mother and with 7 years old (1967) was able to o small performaces,
and 4 years later (1971) he did his first composition, a christmas trio for Piano, flute ad violin, performed by
him, his brother violinist and his sister (that become miss brasil 1980 years later) flutist

For photos and samples of his work please visit his oficial web-ste at

His first classical awad was with 16 years old in 1976 (Brazilia, Brazil) on the Villa Lobos national Chamber competition,
when he received the tittle of the best performer of Villa Lobos

Between 1975 and 1987 he travelled all over Brazil doing recitals and competitions with his brother, the viirtuoso and award winning
brazilian violinist Harry Oscar Schroeter

He got his graduate degree (field: Piano) in 1988 on southern Uiversity of music in Brazil, and 3 years later he travelled to Germany
to complete his piano studies - and then he did 3 master - classes wih renowed, internationally acclaimed pianists Jorg Demus, Peter Rosel and
Czeslaw Kscinsky.

IN 1979 wih 19 years old, he performed with his brother the dificult Cesar Frank violin and piano Sonata, at the famous
Cecilia Meirelles Hall on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In 1985 he got soloist award and Performed 2 times between 48 hours the Chopin E minor piano concerto (Op.11) with
Porto Alegre symphony orchestra

On the same year he got half-finals (bettwen the best 7 pianists) on the IV International Piano Competition at Montevideo, Uruguay

In 2001 he travelled to Seattle giving concerts and promoting his compositions.
On that place he performed his acclaimed 29 Preludes Op.1 with great sucess.

He wrote more than 200 classical works (5 Piano concertos, and Piano music using the most famous forms like Concerto, Sonata,
Fantasy, Suite, Prelude an Fugue, Rhapsody, Scherzo, Theme and Variations, Impromptu, Ballade, Nocturne, Etude, Preludes
as well innovaive forms created by him like POETIC PRELUDES, and more ) 50 themes for film and 120 pop songs - almost 400 works on total

He got his first composition award in 1984 at Sao Paulo contest wth his SONATINA FOR VIOLIN AND PIANO OP.2 No.1 (C Major)
executed with his Brother.

Mr Schroeter works was recorded/awarded by ERMmedia (Piano concerto 3 and 4) by KIEV PHILHARMONIC (Wistin/Tavanets)
His lieder for singer and orchestra "ON THE EVE OF SADNESS" wIll be released by ERmedia sooner.
Recorded by Milllenium Symphony, as well his pop song COME BACK TO ME.

He was invited by Parma Recordngs (from Boston area) to record his Piano Concerto Op.215 No.5 (Eb Major) with
Moravian Philharmonic and the Nocturne Op.211 No.5 (F Minor) , recorded by one of the best Pianist on Czech Republic

He also do a project that is creat jazz material organized in classical forms, like Sonata, Fantasy and other classical forms

He alo writes more comtemporary music on his pieces called " MUSICA" for diverse instruments - where he tries do s
ome experiences with new sounds

Mr. Schroeter also works in Pop scenario, since 2005, and already received some honors with his songs - like his song

- Hollywood music awards nomination
- Los Angeles music awards nomination
- Les Vignes D`or Songwriiting contest (France)
- Second Prize at Peace Foundation (New York)

and others

He work closely with the lyrical composer ROBERTA ANNYCS (from Chicago, IL) and made with her about 70 songs.

Mr. Schroeter is actually visiting LOS ANGELES, promote his works in California, and performing his music in many venues.

Guilherme Schroeter
1728 Glendale Boulevard 90026 - Echo park, Los Angeles - CA
Ph (213) - 5900524