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Name John Elliott
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User Name Ymir20000000
Member Status  Full Member
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Date of birth 13/03/1958
Region United States  
Interests Music & composition, writing (literary), art & design (esp. for the stage)
Profile I was born (13 March 1958) and raised in Portland, Oregon. I am not a trained musician. Oh, Iíve got several guitars and ukuleles, numerous small (read: fun!) percussion instruments (my kids love them, too), and two keyboards (excluding my computer keyboard), among others. However, I really canít sit down and play my music. That is why I use Sibelius notation software. But I do figure that if I can play the hardest measures up to tempo (on the piano or guitar), a real musician should also be able to play my music. I reside in Albany, Oregon, with my beautiful wife and two tremendous daughters, and can be reached at (541) 619-5013,,, and through