Leon Baird - Composer  

I am a new composer wishing to break into the regular performance scene of serious music. I have composed a large body of works of chamber music, piano solo and orchestral music. Most of my works have been performed at various stages, and my new symphony has recently been published and is in the process of being arranged for a it's premiere.

I am fond of trying out new ideas and always choosing the more experimental and less usual route of working. I want to expand on my existing work and have a number of ideas for producing some new sounds and for experimenting, and am looking for a conductor/orchestra to work with regularly. I am also up for composing music for film, and have worked with the video artist Daria Martin whose work has been shown regularly at the Tate and ICA in London, and around the world. I studied music at Kings College London with Robert Keeley, and have also worked with Leslie Howard, Harrison Birtwistle and George Benjamin.