Karen Peace - Composer  

I compose music of varying kinds -- sacred, choral, chamber, and orchestral. I have a special interest in the spiritual traditions of the world, and hope to incorporate more of this background into my music over time. I have a special love for voice and for strings; I find these to be especially expressive.

I use Finale and Garritan orchestral sounds to compose and render my compositions into audio files. I find composition to be one of the most fascinating activities I have ever engaged in -- there is always something new to hear, to learn, to try in a new composition.

My academic background is not the usual musical training resume -- I was a voice and then English Literature major at the undergraduate level, and hold an M.S. in Computer Information Systems. I worked as a software engineer for 14 years. I have sung in many types of choruses for over 30 years, experiences which have enriched and informed my musical endeavors.