John Palmer - Composer  

“For me music is a vehicle of thought, perception and emotion; a deeper feeling and understanding of life unfolding in me and around me. Beyond the duality of right and wrong, light and dark, black and white, I perceive a fundamental unity where all expressions of an individual are confluent in a living reality; where past and future co-exist in the unbounded mystery of the ‘now’.
I am instinctively searching for creative connections between art, mind and spirit, and composition has become an all-encompassing experience, both physical and metaphysical, sensual and spiritual. Similar to Eastern meditation, the music I write springs from my inner centre and the perception of an enigmatic sensuality of sound, silence and space. After many years, I still discover that music is the most powerful expression of this evolution.”

John Palmer © 2012

The music of John Palmer is published by Composers Edition (

John Palmer graduated in Piano Studies from the Conservatory of Music in Lucerne, Switzerland, studied composition with Edison Denisov and Vinko Globokar. In London he studied Composition at Trinity College of Music and completed a PhD in Composition at City University. He also studied composition with Jonathan Harvey and conducting with Alan Hazeldine at the Guildhall School of Music. His music has been awarded prizes in London (1990 and 1995), Lucerne (1991), Bourges (1994), Tokyo (1996), Klagenfurt (1996), Udine (2010) and Paris (2012), and has been released on Taukay, Sargasso, Elektroshock Records, Living Artists, and Mnemosyne Synthese.