Jamie Kowalski - Composer  

Composer Jamie Kowalski (b. 1964)

For over 30 years, I have been composing, performing and recording original music. My orchestral and chamber works have had numerous live performances, and my original scores can be heard in feature-length films, documentaries, industrial videos, and other creative projects.

With many and varied influences from both classical and popular music, my sound at times seems equal parts minimalist, impressionist, and neo-romantic. I describe my style as "Intuitive, loose tonal." I like setting up new systems and rules for a new work almost as much as I like bending and breaking them. I believe that no matter how beautiful the construction and theory behind a piece, the ear should always be the final arbitrator of what remains in a finished musical work.

Or as I sometimes like to say, When theory and the ear disagree, the ear is always correct.