Gary Green - Composer  


Welcome to my 'Composition: today' show case.

I was born up north in England in the 70s and moved down south in the 90s...

I've been writing music since the mid 80s - it started out with a home computer bleeping, buzzing and boinging. I don't have much of a formal training. Just a couple of terms of music theory, a music media course and the rest I have picked up through self study. I'm also hoping that I can learn more from the experienced composers on this website.

I write music in a variety of styles. In the past this has often been the cause of my slow progress, whilst I was dithering about which direction to go in. A piece might start out as orchestral and then ends up as an electro rock pop song. All part of being a Gemini, I guess.

The pieces you'll eventually find on this show case mainly use orchestral instrumentation, although other instruments do make an appearance.

I ended up writing this style of music through the influences of pop/rock instrumental music.

I don't write music full time, although a lot of my spare time is spent on it... just ask my girlfriend. If I haven't had the chance to put together something I've thought about in the day I get a bit itchy... not in a medical sense, I'm a clean boy (I've got certificates to prove it), more in a psychological sense.

I listen to quite a lot of classical music, prefering melody rather than dissonance in a composition. If I had to narrow things down, Vaughan Williams and music from the baroque period (I really enjoy the sound of the harpsichord) are particular favourites. I don't know whether this comes out in my music or not.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks, Gary