David Bruce - Composer  

"Masterful", "Dazzling", "Brilliantly inventive", "Incredibly moving" - just some of the words critics have used to describe the work of British-American composer David Bruce, whose music has rapidly been gaining recognition on both sides of the Atlantic for both the power and ambition of its expression, as well as for its technical mastery of orchestration and form.

Bruce's music draws on the wild dances and heart-felt laments of gypsy music, flamenco, klezmer and other folk traditions, as well as having a direct connection to composers like Stravinsky, Janáček, Berio and Bartók who shared similar passions. Often witty and always colorful, pulsing with earthy rhythms, Bruce's music has a directness rarely heard in contemporary music, but also contains an emotional core of striking intimacy and sensitivity.