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Odyssey Opera Presents Boston Premiere of Giovanna d'Arco

 05 April 2018 at 7:30pm 

Odyssey Opera Presents Boston Premiere of Giovanna d'Arco

Huntginton Avenue Theatre
264 Huntington Avenue
United States

Odyssey Opera
Joan of Arc: Haeran Hong (soprano)*
Giacomo, Shepherd and Father of Giovanna: Daniel Sutin (baritone)
Stage Director: Beth Greenberg
Conductor: Gil Rose

One of the nationís most innovative opera companies, Odyssey Opera, culminates Trial by Fire: Joan of Arc and the Hundred Yearsí War, a season-long exploration of operatic works inspired by martyr, saint, and military leader Joan of Arc (1412-1431). For two nights, Odyssey Opera presents an Italian-language fully staged performance of Guiseppe Verdiís seventh opera, Giovanna díArco (Joan of Arc). This rarely-heard treasure premiered in 1845 and dates from the middle of the first decade of the composerís long career. Directed by Beth Greenberg, renowned for her work with the New York City Opera, and conducted by Artistic and General Director Gil Rose, Odyssey Opera presents the Boston premiere of this Verdi rarity featuring soprano Haeran Hong (Giovanna) and baritone Daniel Sutin (Giacomo).

Giuseppe Verdi : Giovanna d'Arco

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