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100 Singers Honor the 100th Anniversary of Estonian Independence

 01 April 2018 at 3:00pm 

100 Singers Honor the 100th Anniversary of Estonian Independence

Alice Tully Hall
New York
United States

Maaja Duesberg Roos, curator + conductor
Esto-Atlantis Choir
Leila Roos, conductor Laulurõõm Children’s Choir
Arete Teemets, soprano Veikko Kiiver, tenor Alar Pintsaar, bass
Ines Maidre, organist

Presented by the Foundation of Estonian Arts and Letter, Esto-Atlantis Choral Concert is part of an international event acknowledging the Republic of Estonia’s centenary. 100+ singers from around the world gather to perform, celebrate, and honor the rich heritage of Estonian choral music on Lincoln Center’s world renowned stage. The program manifests four generations of one musical Estonian family: works by composer Rudolf Tobias (1973-1918) and by his daughter, composer Helen Tobias-Duesberg (1919-2010), conducting by his granddaughter Maaja Duesberg Roos (b.1945), with choral singing and children’s choir conducting by his great-granddaughter Leila Roos (b.1986). This Easter Sunday performance also includes sacred choral selections by Tobias, the American premiere of Reekviem by Tobias-Duesberg, and the haunting Morning Star by Arvo Pärt, Estonia’s most famous contemporary composer.

Rudolf Tobias : Eks Tieie Tea
Rudolf Tobias : Otse Kui Hirv
Tobias-Duesberg Helen : Reekviem
Tobias-Duesberg Helen : Hommage a Arvo Part
Arvo Part : Morning Star

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