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 24 February 2017 at 8.30pm 


Philharmonie de Paris
221, avenue Jean-Jaurès 75019 Paris, France
+33 (0)1 44 84 44 84

Ensemble intercontemporain
Les Cris de Paris
Gregor Mayrhofer, direction
Evan Hughes, baryton
Sophie Cherrier, flûte
Geoffroy Jourdain, chef de choeur

In 1972, Morton Feldman wrote a score for the chapel which had been conceived by his friend Mark Rothko, a monument of abstract expressionism in painting. Around this score and in the form of a ‘static procession’ are placed more recent works of which a creation by Banjamin Attahir (born in 1989) and by Gregor Mayhofer ( born in 1987), inspired by works of art installed in public spaces.

Jay Schwartz : M pour baryton et ensemble
Matthias Pintscher : beyond (a system of passing), pour flûte
Gregor Mayrhofer : Grand hommage à l’âge de la technique, pour ensemble
Benjamin Attahir : Oeuvre nouvelle fontaine Stravinski
Morton Feldman : Rothko Chapel, pour soprano, contralto, choeur mixte et instruments

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