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The King’s Singers

 19 April 2016 at 7.30pm 

The King’s Singers

Müpa Budapest
1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1.
+36 1 555 3000

The King’s Singers

The works by Morley, Reger, Ligeti, Bartók, Biebl, Kodály and Bob Chilcott, along with a popular selection from the repertoire of The King’s Singers.

The royal vocal ensemble are returning guests to Budapest, where their performances are always greatly anticipated. Their concert programmes cover a wide range of works from Renaissance madrigals to the covers of current pop hits, and their ethereally clear sound has become a byword over the years.

46 years, over 2000 musical pieces, more than 150 records, two Grammy Awards, the premiere of some 200 contemporary works, and thousands of sell-out concerts in Europe, the United States and the Far East. Figures that characterize what is one the best, if not the best, a cappella ensembles today, which made its debut at Queen Elizabeth Hall on 1 May, 1968.

Though 22 singers have held tenures in the ensemble during its history of almost five decades, The King’s Singers owns an inimitable sound that can only be compared to that of the Vienna Philharmonic or the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. What makes these gentlemen truly unique is that whatever music they perform, the quality is world-class: they apply the same consistent enthusiasm, team spirit and professionalism to everything they sing, be it a Renaissance motet, a mass, a chanson, a Romantic choral song, a spiritual, a contemporary piece or a pop hit.

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