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HIDDEN Chaya Czernowin

 29 April 2016 at 7.30pm 

HIDDEN Chaya Czernowin

Institute of Contemporary Art
100 Northern Ave.
United States

Chaya Czernoiwn plunges her vast creation HIDDEN in a subaquatic landscape, devoid of all human presence and pierced by sonorous monoliths. In this writing of observation and perception, silence plays an essential role. Here, this silence, not often a form of rhetoric, measures the distance to the object and imparts the work's spatial dimension. In the words of Gurnemanz' prophecy made to Parsifal, "here time becomes space".

According to Harvey, his fourth serie of String Quartet adopts “a simpler and more direct musical discourse (than the first, second, or third series) using pentatonic harmonies. While memories, or traces, of former movements occasionally surge forth, it is silence that dominates….. The desired effect is that of stasis; here there is no climax, but a state of meditation, vibrant and alert. We could imagine the life of a monk, a life dedicated to spiritual aspiration.”

Christopher Otto, Ari Streisfeld violin
John Pickford Richards alto
Kevin McFarland violoncello

Chaya Czernowin : HIDDEN
Jonathan Harvey : String Quartet n°4

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