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 20 March 2016 at 1.00pm to 5.00pm and 7.00pm to 9.00 pm 


Hoxton Hall
130 Hoxton St, London N1 6SH
United Kingdom
020 7684 0060

Jerry Wigens, composer, bass clarinet, with:
Evie O’Driscoll, cello
Rosie Bergonzi, percussion
Dylan Bates, bongos

Janet Oates, composer, voice, with
CoMA Singers:
Gordon Banner
Katie Boot
Elizabeth Dobson
Imogen Dyer
Jill House
John McCleod
Sonja Mes
Page Starr

CoMA Winds:
Adam Lewin - clarinet
Emily Nevis - flute
Karen Burnell - tenor horn
Ian Mitchell - bass clarinet

Shamim Azad, poet, story teller
Yousuf Ali Kahn - tabla

Isabel White, performance poet, with:
James Hodgson - performance poet
Sabina Virtuso - violin
Robin Pilcher – performance poet
Cassandra Mathews – Guitar/Lute
Emma O’Rourke – designer
Irene Wernli – dancer, choreographer

Ilze Ikse, flute
Daniel Figols, composer, laptop

Paula Newbery, artist
Marjorie Lazaro, poet

Kerry Andrews, cello
Karen Burnell, tenor horn
Paul Burnell, oboe
Deborah Edwards, laptop
Derek Foster, vibes

Soundmarks is a contemporary variety show - a series of ‘events’ throughout the day in various spaces in the building, organized by Contakt, a contemporary music ensemble.
Soundmarks aims to explore the significance of place in music and our collective and individual lives.

Supported using public fundings by Arts Council England.

Kerry Andrews : TBA
Janet Oates : Off the wall
Janet Oates : Shop
Janet Oates : Cecilia
John King : Lux Aeterna
Robert Percy : Hakka
Deborah Broderick Edwards : Coasts
Derek Foster : Colours of Meditation
Daniel Figols : SVIRA
Jerry Wigens : ACPT
Shamim Azad : A Story
Isabel White : Warp and Weft

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