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Thinking aLoud!

 21 November 2015 at 7.00 pm 

Thinking aLoud!

Schott Recital Room @ Bauer & Hieber
48 Great Marlborough Street, London W1F7BB
United Kingdom

Kerry Andrews, cello
Karen Burnell, horn
Paul Burnell, oboe, recorder
Deborah Broderick Edwards, piano
Derek Foster, piano

Some classic works, some new works - Some rehearsed, some spontaneous -
All thinking through sound - and aloud!

John Cage : Cheap Imitation
John Cage : Readings from Silence
John Cage : Perpetual Tango
Erik Satie : Tango Perpetuelle
Morton Feldman : A very short trumpet piece
Morton Feldman : Two Pianos
Steve Reich : Clapping Music
Earle Brown : December '52
Hugh Shrapnel : Oxleas Wood
Hugh Shrapnel : Lullaby
Dave Smith : Bunnahabhain
Dave Smith : Caol Ila
Ann Wolff : OneTwoThree
Kerry Andrews : Tract
Paul Burnell : Is that you, or is it just me?
Deborah Broderick Edwards : The Touring Machine
Derek Foster : Re-Jig
Derek Foster : Letter
Dave Smith : Six 1-minute piano pieces

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