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Cortège pour violon, accompagné de “La Fanfare Harmonie du village”

 21 August 2015 at 7.30pm 

Cortège pour violon, accompagné de “La Fanfare Harmonie du village”

Lucerne Festival

Basler Madrigalisten | Raphael Immoos conductor | Desirée Meiser stage direction | Silvester von Hösslin narrator | Noëlle-Anne Darbellay violin and voice | Matthias Schranz violoncello | Lanet Flores Otero clarinet | Daniele Pintaudi piano and mime | Blanka Kertész piano

Jürg Wyttenbach has always defied borders – whether between the arts, genres, or stylistic levels. This is clear from the first sampling of his Lucerne retrospective as composer-in-residence, when we will encounter instrumentalists transformed into singers and actors, clowning into performance art, vocal experimentation into enigmatic chansons, and eccentric miniatures into a half-hour-long madrigal play that here receives its world premiere. Above all this hovers the spirit of Mani Matter, the famous Swiss singer-songwriter. A colorful evening on the cusp between anarchy and artistic alchemy is what you should expect. And you can be sure it will turn to gold thanks not only to Wyttenbach’s musical and theatrical imagination but also to his rebellious and mischievous sense of humor.

Jürg Wyttenbach : Sutil und Laar
Jürg Wyttenbach : Trois chansons violées
Jürg Wyttenbach : Una chica en Nirvana
Jürg Wyttenbach : ist klang der sinn?
Jürg Wyttenbach : Es git en Bueb mit Name Fritz
Jürg Wyttenbach : Matter
Jürg Wyttenbach : Der Unfall

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