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West-Eastern Divan Orchestra | Daniel Barenboim | Soloists

 17 August 2014 at 6.30pm 

West-Eastern Divan Orchestra | Daniel Barenboim | Soloists

Lucerne Festival

West-Eastern Divan Orchestra | Daniel Barenboim conductor | Peter Seiffert Tristan | Waltraud Meier Isolde | Ekaterina Gubanova Brangäne | René Pape King Marke | Stephan Rügamer Melot

“O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe” (“Descend, o night of love”): No one has expressed emotional exuberance and feelings of boundless ecstasy more powerfully than Richard Wagner. In the second act of Tristan und Isolde he created a sound world celebrating the act of love – and was himself shocked by the powerful effect his own music had: “I fear that the opera will be banned,” wrote Wagner to his muse, Mathilde Wesendonck. “Only mediocre performances can save me! Completely good ones will drive people to insanity.” Be forewarned, then, that this concert may induce in you a state of madness! … Daniel Barenboim’s West-Eastern Divan Orchestra is also capable of playing a tremendous diversity of music, as we will hear in the program’s first half, which features new works by the Israeli composer Ayal Adler and the Syrian composer Kareem Roustom. And it’s all in the spirit of Wagner: “Children! Make new things!”

Ayal Adler : Resonating Sounds for large orchestra
Kareem Roustom : Ramal for orchestra
Richard Wagner : Tristan und Isolde. Concert performance of Act Two

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