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Manfred Trojahn and György Ligeti

 13 July 2014 at 8pm 

Manfred Trojahn and György Ligeti

Darius Milhaud Conservatoire
380, avenue Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 13100 Aix-en-Provence


Manfred Trojahn, a lover of the French language, has dedicated a song cycle to the surrealist poet René Char whom he greatly admires. L’Éternité ŕ Lourmarin (Eternity at Lourmarin), a work for soprano and chamber music ensemble, is inspired by the poem of the same name that Char wrote to honour his friend Albert Camus who died in a car accident at Lourmarin where he had bought a house.

L’Allégresse (Elation), based on a prose poem, was specially written for the French soprano Sabine Devieilhe. The title suggests a light-hearted, happy mood but it ends on a serious question: will we know, when death comes to meet us, whether the heart, this gleaner, has to go before or follow?

A third work for orchestra, Contrevenir (Counterstatement), written in December 2012 and based on René Char’s mysterious poem, will be given in Aix. For the Festival, Manfred Trojahn has extended his score with a prologue that will also be performed for the first time by Sabine Devieilhe.

J.S. Bach : Ricercar (transcription by Anton Webern)
Manfred Trojahn : Contrevenir for soprano and piano
Manfred Trojahn : Contrevenir for ensemble
Manfred Trojahn : L’Allégresse for soprano and ensemble
Manfred Trojahn : L’Eternité ŕ Lourmarin for soprano and ensemble
Gyorgy Ligeti : Kammerkonzert

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