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Uncovering the political voice of classical music

 01 May 2014 at 8pm 

Uncovering the political voice of classical music

United Kingdom

The Riot Ensemble / Neil Luck / Audrey Chen / The Broom Brigade

On May Day, Nonclassical uncovers the political voice of classical music and raises it to dangerous decibels. It’s a march on Dalston championing both iconic and new works charged with sociopolitical consciousness – get ready to take contemporary classical to the streets and lift a sonically defiant finger to the establishment.

The night opens with a free, symbolic outdoor performance in Gillett Square of Louis Andriessen’s punchy Workers Union performed by The Riot Ensemble, a collective of top emerging musicians. The march on Dalston then continues at The Shacklewell Arms, exploring iconic works of powerful revolutionary fervor, featuring Luigi Nono’s electroacoustic Non Consumiamo Marx on the 1968 student protests and culminating with Frederic Rzewski’s poignant masterpieces Coming Together and Attica, written in response to the tragic Attica prison riots.

Paired with these established works will be fresh new music that address politics today: composer/performer Neil Luck creatively reinterprets Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise with a modern day twist, The Broom Brigade performs White Haired Boy a new irreverent satirical opera on Boris Johnson by the MAAP Collective, and renowned experimental musician Audrey Chen expressively improvises with voice and cello on the May Day theme.

Between live performances, Nonclassical DJs will be spinning unique politically-themed sets, featuring music from Hans Eisler to Dead Prez.

Frederic Rzewski : Coming Together & Attica
Luigi Nono : Non Consumiamo Marx
Cornelius Cardew : Treatise (re-interpreted by Neil Luck)
MAAP Collective : Music from White Haired Boy
Audrey Chen : Free improvisation with cello & voice

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