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2014 TED Fellow Bora Yoon Performs New CD 4/23

 23 April 2014 at 8:00pm 

2014 TED Fellow Bora Yoon Performs New CD 4/23

Asia Society
725 Park Avenue, NYC
United States

Bora Yoon

Sunken Cathedral, the new multimedia album from 2014 TED Fellow/Korean-American composer and performer Bora Yoon, introduces a contemporary sonic journey through the chambers of subconscious. By blending digital devices, found objects, and instruments from a variety of cultures and centuries with her own voice, Yoon creates a series of surreal soundscapes that range from choral, electronic, ambient, industrial, spoken-word, symphonic, and early music, to express the cyclical and transcendental nature of music.

Bora Yoon : Sunken Cathedral

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