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Usurp Chance Tour 2014

 18 March 2014 at 7.30pm 

Usurp Chance Tour 2014

CBSO Centre, Birmingham
Berkley Street, Birmingham
United Kingdom


An evening of two dynamic, ensemble performances: John Cage’s Indeterminacy performed by Stewart Lee (reader) Steve Beresford and Tania Chen (piano and objects) and The Conspirators of Pleasure – an improvisational group with Poulomi Desai (augmented sitar), Simon Underwood (modified toys and electronics) and Seth Ayyaz (daaf, ghaita and electronics).

Cage’s Indeterminacy is a box of 90 cards of 90 stories of different lengths, and a leaflet of instructions: “Read the stories aloud, with or without accompaniment, paced so that each takes one minute. A stop-watch or watch with a second hand will help keep time. Read all 90 stories in order or select a smaller number, using chance procedures or not”. Beresford and Chen improvise on prepared pianos and found objects while Lee reads Cage’s stories in a random order.

The Conspirators of Pleasure create live, improvised, soundscape compositions using unusual, modified and self-made instruments, using technology to transform organic sounds into intense waves, structured pulsating rhythms and lyrical interplays.

John Cage : Indeterminacy

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