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Funkhause am Wallrafplatz, Köln

 24 October 2013 at 8pm 

Funkhause am Wallrafplatz, Köln

Funkhaus am Wallrafplatz
Klaus-von-Bismacksaal, Köln

SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart
Ensemble musikFabrik
Conductor Marcus Creed
IRCAM computer music design Gregory Beller

The time of beginning based on Ovid, the time of the first men, the time of civilizations: Raphaël Cendo has arranged his epic for choir, ensemble, and electronics in three large chapters, with, by way of an epilogue, uses this fragment of Heraclitus: If one does not hope, one will not find the unhoped-for, since there is no trail leading to it and no path. Registre, according to the composer, designates the book of memories, "memory of lights that transmitted a common, far away, past, milestones of our Humanity".

Raphaël Cendo : Registre des lumières
Francesco Filidei : Finito ogni gesto

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