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The DIOTIMA String Quartet

 11 April 2013 at 8pm-10pm 

The DIOTIMA String Quartet

Roulette, Brooklyn, NY
509 Atlantic Ave (corner of 3rd)
United States
917 267 0363

YunPeng Zhao (1st violin)
Guillaume Latour (2nd violin)
Franck Chevalier (viola)
Pierre Morlet (cello)

The DIOTIMA recorded Hugh Levick's three string quartets for Signature Records in Paris. THE UNIMAGINED: PREPARATIONS FOR THE UNKNOWN will be released in March.

The Interpretations concert at Roulette will be the World Premiere of two of Levick's quartets.

Here are some things Allan Kozinn of the New York Times had to say about the Diotima when he heard them play in New York last January:

January 18, 2011

Capturing Shifts Between Ecstasy and Anguish

The Diotima Quartet, based in Paris, looks as if its members were not long out of the conservatory and plays with the energy and passion of a newly minted ensemble. But it has been building its reputation for the last dozen years, largely through its new-music performances and an eclectic discography.

…Janacek’s “Intimate Letters”: The quartet captured the composer’s continual shifts between ecstasy and anguish with a sound that embraced reverie and tumult, lushness and abrasiveness, melodic richness and stark angularity…

…The Ravel Quartet: The haunting juxtaposition of a dark-hued theme and its tremolando accompaniment was perfectly balanced, and muted passages played with a vibratoless, almost organlike tone were especially affecting. ..

Their repertoire of the Diotima String Quartet ranges from Haydn to the composers of our time, with particular focus on the Classical period, French Romanticism, the early Twentieth Century, and a selection of major works from the last 50 years. An equally significant part of their activity is the performance and dissemination of newly commissioned works. Performances include Wigmore Hall, Library of Congress, Frick Collection, Venice Biennale, Musica Strasbourg, Auditorium du Louvre. Residencies: Harvard and University of Minnesota, Kunstfest Weimar, Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin, Fondation Royaumont.
Quatuor Diotima

Hugh Levick : EMPIRE, Inc.
Henri Dutilleux : Ainsi la nuit
Toshio Hosokawa : SILENT FLOWERS

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