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Present Music-In the Chamber

 23 February 2013 at 7:30pm-9:30pm 

Present Music-In the Chamber

The Hamilton Cocktail Lounge
823 E. Hamilton St. Milwaukee, WI 53202
United States
(414) 271-0711 x 5

Present Music Ensemble

Intimately heard and intensely played, Present Music takes you In the Chamber. Andrew Normanís Sabina, inspired by Roman churches in the early morning, shines through sophisticated patterns and grows with the light and warmth of experience while Ted Hearneís Vessels travels through difficult yet forceful turns of mood and understanding. Other selections featured honor the Composerís idols. Motion, composed by Nico Muhly, is a tribute to Orlando Gibbonsís verse anthem See, See the World, which captures the nervous energy of obsessive counting. Inspiration for I Found it by the Sea, composed by Tmothy Andres, is drawn from Brahmsí chamber music, creating space and resolution between its variations. Witness the inspiration behind each piece, as Present Music brings you up close and personal with our musicians. Experience In the Chamber.

Timothy Andres : I Found it by the Sea
Nico Muhly : Motion
Ted Hearne : Vessels
Andrew Norman : Sabina

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