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Ensemble intercontemporain | Pablo Heras-Casado

 19 August 2012 at 11 am 

Ensemble intercontemporain | Pablo Heras-Casado

Lucerne Festival

Ensemble intercontemporain | Pablo Heras-Casado conductor

It was a series of paintings by Francis Bacon that inspired Philippe Manoury to compose his “Fragments pour un Portrait.” Much as Bacon brought a new perspective to Velázquez’s “Portrait of Pope Innocent X,” Manoury deployed the same musical material for the seven movements of his ensemble piece—and in the process created seven different manifestations of an imaginary single-movement piece. Michael Jarrell was similarly inspired by other artistic disciplines: “La Chambre aux Échos,” which was commissioned by LUCERNE FESTIVAL in 2010 and which will now be performed in its completed version, draws on Richard Powers’s novel by the same name and explores the phenomenon of memory and of the genesis of feelings. Led by Spanish conductor Pablo Heras-Casado, the Ensemble intercontemporain will present an exemplary performance that will also serve as a point of reference for students of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, who themselves will then perform Jarrell’s score as part of their concert on 1 September.

Sean Shepherd : “Blur” for Ensemble
Michael Jarrell : "La Chambre aux Échos" for Ensemble
Philippe Manoury : “Fragments pour un Portrait” for Large Ensemble

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