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Horizons 2012

 10 January 2012 at 1.00pm 

Horizons 2012

National Concert Hall

National Symphony Orchestra - conducted by Gavin Moloney
Karen Power - live electronics
Michael Alcorn - live electronics

This is the first of 4 Horizons Concerts by Ireland's National Symphony Orchestra. Karen Power is the featured composer and has curated this concert program.
'A 'half 'n' half' concert combining the new with the traditional, one in which Michael Alcorn and I dare to compose live on stage using our laptops as instruments. I am fascinated by the ready-made "symphonies" of our everyday environments; my new work, no chaos: only organised panic, therefore journeys into nature, exploring soundworlds where night-crickets and cracking ice mingle with the orchestral score. With Scelsi's Zen-influenced pieces for orchestra it's a world of dreamlike meditations, and with Alcorn's Synapse, great colliding icebergs of sound!'

Karen Power : no choas: only organised panic
Karen Power : one piece of chocolate per bar (2008)
Michael Alcorn : Synapse
Giacinto Scelsi : Quattro Pezzi su una nota sola

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