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 23 January 2012 at 23rd - 28th January 2012 


United Kingdom

six day global happening
read - respond - relax - repeat
January 23rd - 28th 2012

666_events will take place over six days at the end of January 2012. People, whoever they are and wherever they happen to be are invited to take part in a global performance happening, interpreting short instructions, producing all manner of results. Each of the six events will last an entire day and be repeated, exactly or totally differently, 111 times, in quick succession or freely/precisely spaced. If each repetition were to last thirteen minutes, then the participants day would be totally engulfed, however, make each repetition last a couple of seconds and ninety-nine per cent of the day is left free. Performances can be meticulously planned in advance or spontaneously improvised on the day. Participants need not complete every event, but are free to pick and choose, following the time zone of their country. It is hoped, but not obligatory, that performances will be documented, in audio/visual form, or more abstractly in poetry, sculpture or sketch. However, this is not the central aim of the project and no-one need even know a performance has happened. Performances themselves can span the spectrum from private, unobserved and solitary to extravagant, collaborative and public. There are of course, as many ways to interpret these instructions as there are people to read them, wherein lies the focus of the excitement, coupled with knowing that somewhere in the world someone else may well be asking the same silly, serious, surreal or standard questions. Also, they need not be physical, but can be of the mind, perhaps more spiritually concentrated. Ultimately every question asked, action taken and energy expended is part of a much larger, shared experience, called, 666_events.

Monday 23rd January
Cut into an item of clothing you are wearing

Tuesday 24th January
Compose and deliver a nonsense email

Wednesday 25th January
Stop a stranger and ask for directions to a place that doesn’t exist

Thursday 26th January
Post an unnecessary notice on a wall

Friday 27th January
Read a line of text written by the Marquis de Sade

Saturday 28th January
Write a message on a paper aeroplane and deliver it to the air

The first of these global happenings, six_events, transpired in 2008 and was followed in 2010 by sixty_six_events, a collaboration with Andy Ingamells. In 2014 6666_events will be released into the atmosphere…

666_ events : 666_events
666_ events : 666_events

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