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Oscar Edelstein y el ENS

 03 June 2011 at 9.00pm 

Oscar Edelstein y el ENS

Teatro Municipal "3 de Febrero"

Composer & Pianist: Oscar Edelstein

ENS (Ensamble Nacional del Sur)
Piano & Keyboards: Axel Lastra
Electric Guitar: Leonardo Salzano
Drums: Pablo Torterolo
Tape Process: Mauro Zannoli 

Guest artists: Voice: Deborah Claire Procter
Saxophone: Martin Proscia

ENS is a modern, electro-acoustic ensemble based in Buenos Aires led by composer Oscar Edelstein.

Playing in quadraphony, they have gained a cult reputation in Argentina & Brazil, performing extensively in important venues such as La Trastienda, Goethe-Institut, Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, Teatro Payró, El Gapón del Abasto, (Buenos Aires); Auditorio Nicolás Cassullo (Quilmes); Teatro Argentina (La Plata); Centro Parque España (Rosario); & Sala Martins Penna (Brasilia).

They are especially known for the rhythmic intensity of their music and for the way that their music constantly plays between the lines of many genres, making it hard to pigeonhole.

The core quartet of young musicians train intensively with composer - pianist Oscar Edelstein, playing to enthuisustuc audiences and rave reviews. They’ve a loyal following for their dynamic distinctive concerts where Edelstein works as both the pianist and the conductor. Edelstein uses both systems of traditional notation combined with new and 3-dimensional models that he has created. He conducts the group with a specially developed system of hand signals so that he can not only designate time and intensity, but also timbrical and spatial options. This creates an added intensity to the concert and the feel that the composition is unfolding in front of you.

"It's music in a physical sense, authentic dithyrambic music, realized simultaneously with millimetrical accuracy by an ensemble that Edelstein directs like someone possessed." Clarin, 2009

Performances (Past & Prestent) : Estudios sobre La Grilla Acústica - Libro II (Studies for The Acoustic Grid- Book II)- 2009; Tiradentes - La Teoría Sagrada del Espacio Acústico (Sacred Theory of the Acoustic Space - Book I) - 2000; El Tiempo, La Condena (The Time, The Blame) - 1999; El Hecho (The Fact) - 1998; Klange Klange Urutaú -1997

Oscar Edelstein : Estudios sobre La Grilla Acústica: Libro II

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