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The International Street Cannibals & Composers Concordance Records, will present

 17 April 2011 at 7:30 pm 

The International Street Cannibals & Composers Concordance Records, will present

DROM, New York
, 85 Ave A (b/w 5th & 6th St) in East Village
United States
(212) 777-1157

ISC ensemble performers for this concert will be Dan Barrett - cello, Lynn Bechtold - violin, Charles Coleman - baritone, Dan Cooper - 7-string electric bass, Mat Fieldes - bass, Patrick Grant - piano, Florian Hoefner - piano, Milica Paranosic, - Gusle and Voice, Gene Pritsker - electric guitar and Ciftelia, Megan Sipe - dance, Keve Wilson - oboe.

In the wake of superb reviews of their new CDs (the NAXOS-distributed Composers Concordance label), the International Street Cannibals will present a multi-genre record release concert, entitled "TENSION & RELEASE". This event will bring together a multiplicity of genres, and an outfit of versatile instrumentals, performing on traditional, non-Western, and electric instrumentalists. Chinook tribal invocations, daredevil pieces for solo cello, string duets of denotable savagery, macabre re-settings of Hugo Wolf lieder, and intoxicating infusions of Balkan sonorities will conjoin, to ignite the singular chemistry of this show.

The title of the event refers to The International Street Cannibals' recent album "Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet - The Music of Gene Pritsker" which has drawn already rave reviews, and whose content is distinguished by it's stylistic breadth, it's uncommon application of various genres, and its compositional craftsmanship.

Dan Barrett : What occurred in the light, goes on in the dark
Gene Pritsker : The tribal second

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