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Noszferatu XL

 19 November 2010 at 8.00pm 

Noszferatu XL

Cafe Oto, London
22 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL
United Kingdom

Speaker: Howard Skempton
Flute: Finn Peters
Sax/Bass Cl: James Allsopp
Trumpet: Tom Allan
Tuba: Oren Marshall
Viola: Rose Redgrave
Cello: Clare O'Connell
Percussion: Dave Price
Piano: Ivo de Greef

Maverick New Music collective Noszferatu, in an expanded line-up that features some this country's finest instrumentalists from the worlds of both contemporary classical and jazz, perform music by Howard Skempton and Frederic Rzewski including two world premieres.

Frederic Rzewski and Howard Skempton are two genuine icons of contemporary music whose works share common values: honesty, fragility, rawness, generosity and playfulness. Tonight's event compares and contrasts their work and includes work ranging from Rzewski's viscerally charged Coming Together (tonight with Howard Skempton as speaker) written in response to Attica prison riot of 1971, through to the exquisite delicacy of Skempton's miniature masterpieces. The programme also includes the world premiere of Flowers by Frederic Rzewski and a new version of Skempton's Sirens, especially for tonight's concert.

Frederic Rzewski : Flowers
Howard Skempton : This way up
Howard Skempton : In Tandem
Howard Skempton : Sirens
Frederic Rzewski : Coming together
Frederic Rzewski : Attica

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