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some things just are

 04 November 2008 at 6pm 

some things just are

Ceramics Space, Limerick
Off Henry St., Limerick

The Quiet Club

This work focuses on the sonic potential of unlikely sound sources. Why do we listen to certain sounds and why we dismiss others as being uninteresting. Both audio and video for this piece will be sourced from 'instruments' that do not necessarily have a place in conventional music but contain the potential to be of interest to our ears. The installation will run continuously throughout the month and will be supported by three live performances by The Quiet Club and guests ( Aspects of each performance will be integrated into the installation so that as the month progresses the intensity of the installation grows. I invite people to visit throughout the month to get a sense of and to become part of the organic nature of this piece.
Installation runs continuosly from 4th - 21st with live performances on the 4th, 14th and 21st.

Karen Power : some things just are

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