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BCMG - The Series 2007-08

 07 June 2008 at 7.30pm - 8.20pm 

BCMG - The Series 2007-08

CBSO Centre
Berkley Street, Birmingham, B1 2LF
United Kingdom

Conductor Pierre-Andre Valade
Director* Josse De Paauw *
Live Electronics UCE Birmingham Conservatoire

BCMG is one of the world’s leading classical new music ensembles and was formed by players from the CBSO. The group is devoted to the performance of new music and has commissioned and performed over 100 world premieres of new works by today’s leading composers.

Once more in association with Integra, this extraordinary final concert of the season features a musical documentary by the outstanding Norwegian composer Rolf Wallin, looking at (and listening to) the experience of child soldiers in Africa. The situation is harrowing, but the story is also heartening, for Wallin is concerned especially with the ceremonies of song and dance through which brutalized children are reintegrated into society. While the instrumental ensemble conveys the transformation of an inner world, outer reality is represented by a video screen and computer sound system. With this music and theatre of actuality comes a chamber concerto of visionary dimensions by Jonathan Harvey, circling through realms of sampled and live instrumental sound.
Paul Griffiths

Integra Festival 2008
Join BCMG and four other leading European contemporary music ensembles for a celebration festival of the Integra project from 6th – 8th June 2008 in Birmingham. Integra is a collaboration between composers, research centres and music ensembles to further the development and interest in music with live electronics. More information is available on the Integra website at

Music lasts approx. 50 minutes and the evening will include introductions from the composers.

Jonathan Harvey : Wheel of Emptiness
Rolf Wallin : Strange News (World Premiere of ensemble version)

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