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BCMG - The Series 2007-08

 29 September 2007 at 7.30pm - 9.30pm 

BCMG - The Series 2007-08

CBSO Centre
Berkley Street, Birmingham, B1 2LF
United Kingdom

BCMG is one of the world’s leading classical new music ensembles and was formed by players from the CBSO. The group is devoted to the performance of new music and has commissioned and performed over 100 world premieres of new works by today’s leading composers.

Most of us interact with electronics every day of our lives: computers, phones, car systems, washing machines. Integra, an initiative based at Birmingham Conservatoire, is all about helping sounds do the same—creating software that will allow composers and performers to create music that bounces from instruments to speakers, or that moves gradually, changes, giving us models of extension and enrichment. James Wood and Jonathan Harvey, well established masters of electroacoustic music, offer spots for virtuoso soloists navigating the instrumental-electronic seas, and there are variously colourful ensemble pieces by Tristan Murail, Tansy Davies and the fascinating young Lithuanian Juste Janulyte.

Paul Griffiths

James Wood : Autumn Voices
Juste Janulyte : Endings
Juste Janulyte : Eclissi
Jonathan Harvey : Tombeau de Messiaen
Tristan Murail : Treize Couleurs du soleil
Jonathan Harvey : Ricercare una melodia
Tansy Davies : Grind Show

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