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Le Cabaret du Neant

 20 January 2007 at 7:30pm 

Le Cabaret du Neant

Peterhouse Theatre
Trumpington Street, Cambridge
United Kingdom

Sarah Dacey (chanteuse)
Rob Fokkens (chanteur and compere)
Belinda Jones (piano)
Catriona Scott (clarinets)
Rosie Banks (cello)

“colourful, challenging and witty” Classical Source

A night of desperate satire, sensuous whimsy and bitter irony in songs, chansons, lieder and schläger by Satie, Schoenberg, Eisler, Weill, Cage, Geoffrey Hannan, Robert Fokkens and Laurence Crane.

Pulse is expanding cabaret as a medium, providing an avenue for composers to let their hair down and loosen their tongues on contemporary social issues, from asbos to schizophrenia. This show explores the archaeology of cabaret song, from its beginnings in French cafes, through pre-war Germany, post-war America, to 21st Century Britain.
"engagingly quirky" The Times

Erik Satie : Trois Poemes D'Amour
Kurt Weill : Alabama Song
Hans Eisler : Songs
Laurence Crane : Weirdi
Robert Fokkens : Four Colonizations
Geoffrey Hannan : Go to Hell, World! / Why do you think people believe in God?
John Cage : Nowth Upon Nacht / The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs

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