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BCMG The Series

 23 March 2007 at 7:30pm 

BCMG The Series

CBSO Centre, Birmingham

United Kingdom


Oliver Knussen, BCMG Artist-in-Association, returns for an all-British concert, starting with Harrison Birtwistle’s Cantus Iambeus, a five-minute view from a personal world of ticking mechanisms, building energy and strange songs. The tone here of quirky individualism and supreme technique is taken up by the other composers on the programme. Jonathan Lloyd’s Waiting for Gozo, written a quarter of a century ago, is an entrancing puzzle. Richard Causton’s The Persistence of Memory alludes to the Dalì painting of that title (with melting watches) and ‘to the composer’s experience of illness and delirium while visiting India’. There’s a big new piece by John Woolrich, master of musical magic and poetry, and a winning composition by University of Birmingham student Richard Bullen.

Come early at 6.30pm for a FREE pre-concert talk with John Woolrich

Ticket Hotline: 0121 767 4050
On-line booking:

Harrison Birtwistle : Canteus Iambeus
Jonathan Lloyd : Waiting for Gozo
Richard Causton : The Persistence of Memory
John Woolrich : New work
Richard Bullen : Walpurgis Night *

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