Concerto Grosso - Ian Stewart

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Concerto Grosso - Ian Stewart


This is a traditional concerto grosso in the sense that sections played by the full ensemble are contrasted with sections played by a smaller group or soloist. The form is also traditional, three movements in the sequence: Fast - Slow - Fast. Unlike the traditional Concerto Grosso however, the concertino group here is not fixed.
The music is influenced by late 60ís and early 70ís psychedelic music with frequent use of repeated quaver rhythms and ostinati. Like much rock music, phrases are frequently played in unison or parallel perfect fifths.
The slow movement is a mixture of the Baroque slow movement and slow rock songs, in that a sustained lyrical violin theme is played over repeated chords marking the beat. The last movement also uses the pulsing quaver rhythm of much new wave music of the 80ís, a tradition that continues today.
This work was written for the Altissimo Ensemble and is scored for 6 violins and 2 violas

No recordings of this piece currently available.

No recordings of this piece currently available.
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